I'm pretty new to FlightGear, but am interested in
using it for a engineering project I have, but I need
to model sailplane soaring in a dynamic environment. I
noticed that currently thermals are implimented as an
AI object similar to the old thermal patches in MSFS.
Has anyone been working on modeling thermals based on
surface temp/lapse rate/terrain type, etc? (Perhaps
even using data from BLIPMAPs (
http://www.drjack.info/BLIP/index.html )to generate
soaring conditions.  Also does FlightGear model ridge

More than willing to do significant coding for this to
happen. Just wanted to know what has been tried and if
there is anyone out there with a grand vision on how a
soaring environment should be implimented in FGFS. It
seems to me that doing something this dynamic through
the AI model may not sense.



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