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> Erik Hofman wrote
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> > Vivian Meazza wrote:
> >
> > > Back up with an upgraded machine - 2.8 Mhz P4, 512 Ram, Gforce 5200.
> > I've
> > > rebuilt Cywin, and FGFS-CVS. I've just copied the latest version of
> the
> > > Spitfire from FGFS-0.9.4, where it was working, after a fashion, to
> > > FGFS-CVS. All the files. Now it won't fly, as David pointed out. Back
> to
> > the
> > > drawing board!
> >
> > I already started to wonder if the Spitfire was more of a hype than
> > anything else (and even started to wonder if I was such a lousy pilot)
> :-D
> You didn't try it in 0.9.4 then? It's really easy to fly, but a little
> difficult to get off the ground neatly, possible though. Landing's a
> doddle,
> providing that there's no crosswind. Spitfires were NOT designed for
> runways.
> Anyway, it now works in CVS, and I'm tackling the sound right now.
> Let me know how you get on, and we'll leave a judgment on lousy pilots
> 'til
> later :-)

I've sent an updated version of the Spitfire MkIIa to Eric for CVS. It's
almost finished now: just some cockpit details and pilot animation to do.

I'd be grateful for any feedback you might have, but remember that it's
still using legacy propeller/engine code. Still, it flies well enough to
have some fun with, I think.

I've implemented a Coffman cartridge starter, and it would be nice to have a
cloud of black smoke come out of the exhaust and drift downwind at wind
speed before dispersing. I can do the first bit, but not the rest. I have my
eye on Fred's bump-mapped 3D clouds. Anyone any ideas on this one? (Forget
it could be good advice :-) ).



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