Norman Vine wrote

> Sent: 23 July 2004 14:15
> To: FlightGear developers discussions
> Subject: RE: [Flightgear-devel] Latest CVS Aborts
> Curtis L. Olson writes:
> >
> > You have to compile with "-g" to include debugging symbols so that the
> > back trace makes sense.  That said, the very few times I've tried to run
> > gdb with flightgear on windows, I was never very successful.
> GDB might have some problems on 95,98 and WinMe,  but runs fine
> on any WindowsNT variant.
> Of course as Curt says you do need to compile with the "-g" switch
> for debugging I usually use  'CXXFLAGS = -g -O2'
> which IIRC is the default setting for our configure scripts
> Norman

I'd forgotten the -g. I'll re-download, recompile and try again.



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