thanks. It appears to be the Crease command. I created a box, removed the
crease and it imported OK (now I have to work through how to save the
scenery so that it gets picked up by the Sim!). As I said, I'm new to this
(as in just the last 4 days) and have no experience with plib.
Is there a list anywhere of the AC3d commands that plib doesn't support?

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> Hi !
> Peter Larson wrote:
> > I'm new here and am having problems with fgsd on Windows XP Pro. I've
got a
> > copy of AC3D and
> > want to import an object and place it in fgsd, but it keeps crashing
when I
> > try to load the object. Am I missing a support application, or is there
> > another issue on Windoz?
> >
> > Peter
> Don't know if this is relevant for your case, but there were some issues
> reported with the latest AC3D version using specific (new) statements
> ("crease") that aren't yet supported by plib, the current workaround is
> to manually remove such statements from any AC3D files that you want to
> use with FlightGear - as fgsd is likely to also use plib in the same
> fashion, I'd recommend to check for any such unsupported statements in
> your AC3D file.
> If you were running Linux or at least cygwin I'd recommend to
> give automatically stripping the relevant stuff by using a shell script
> a try, but I think starting notepad and search/replace for occurences
> "crease"  should also work to see if that's really the problem.
> In case you were already aware of this stuff and this is not your
> problem, I'd try to load some other AC3D file - just to verify if
> it's really not a problem with the AC3D file but rather the
> application itself.
> good luck
> ---------
> Boris
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