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> Andy Ross said:
> > > I am doing a project for Boeing where I am trying to incorporate a
> > > few additional features they want into Flightgear. Initially I
> > > need to create a crater (hole) if a plane crashes (or a missile ).
> > 
> > Boing wants craters?  :)
> That's it!  I'm flying on Aerobus airliners only from now on.

..it couldn't be their and not their own, they're modelling? ;-)

> <snip>
> > 
> > Alternatively, I suppose you could alpha-blend a "2D" crater image
> > on top of the existing geometry; something along the lines of the
> > "bullet holes" that first person shooter games like to draw on
> > walls.  For a flight simulator where the viewpoint isn't likely to
> > be very near the crater, this might be sufficient.
> Yes and much easier.  You could even just make a model that was mostly
> flat but had a crater lip with burnt dirt texture and all that and
> just plop it on the ground in the right spot.

..crater size and depht depends on impact energy etc in RL, so you're
having your FG crater act accordingly? 

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