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Martin Spott wrote:
Boris Koenig wrote:


Do you use an ATI Radeon with OpenSource DRI drivers ?
This is an effect I have seen many times during major changes in the
Radeon driver in the XFree86 pre-4.3 phase,

While it is not a Radeon card, it is indeed an ATI (Rage 128) card - the driver is DRI (from the latest XFree release).

Also, the problem seems indeed to occur only with the ATI card, the same
settings do work on the other machine, otherwise I get less FPS with a
current nvidia card than with the old ATI Rage128 :-/

Erik also mentioned that some of the problems that I previously
described when I was using specific graphic card settings, are
likely to be driver-related, but then: on the other hand I don't
have any of these (or similar) problems on the same machine/config
with other openGL software, regardless if I am running tuxracer, blender
quake or whatever: everything looks "normal".

----------- Boris

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