On Tuesday 27 July 2004 22:46, David Megginson wrote:
> I've been frustrated with the tendency of the DC-3 (--aircraft=dc3) to
> noseover during the takeoff and landing rolls, and of the J3 Cub
> (--aircraft=j3cub) to nose over during wheel landings.  I've fiddled with
> the YASim files a lot in the past but have never found a good solution.
> Finally, today, I had a DUH! moment.  On non-aerobatic planes, the
> horizontal stabilizer is set at a negative angle of incidence so that it
> will not stall before the wings (tail stalls are rarely recoverable).  I
> set the hstab on the J3 Cub and DC-3 to -3 degrees of incidence, and the
> tendency to nose-over has virtually disappeared.  The takeoff roll of the
> DC-3 is a joy, and for both planes, I can now use the technique described
> in STICK AND RUDDER for taildragger wheel landings -- just as the wheels
> touch the pavement, push the stick or yoke full forward.
> All the best,
> David

I just saw the cvs entries go in - the ability to set the hstab incidence was 
a bit of a revelation to me:)

One of those !!!!!??? moments:)


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