Andy Ross wrote:

The number is a (conventional, right handed) rotation about the Y
axis, which in YASim's coordinate system points out the left wingtip.
So a positive incidence points down.  Unless there's a sign bug (or
three, or five...) in there somewhere.

A positive incidence points down?? So if I set the incidence angle of the wings to 3 degrees, the angle of attack of the wings when the fuselage is level will be -3 degrees? That doesn't seem to be happening with the models.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to ask (well, beg) that YASim could start using the same coordinate system as JSBSim, most textbooks I've seen, and every POH I've read, where X is positive moving back from the nose. I'm willing to fix all of the config files currently in CVS if will agree to the change.

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