David Megginson said:

> Andy Ross wrote:
> > The number is a (conventional, right handed) rotation about the Y
> > axis, which in YASim's coordinate system points out the left wingtip.
> > So a positive incidence points down.  Unless there's a sign bug (or
> > three, or five...) in there somewhere.
> A positive incidence points down??  So if I set the incidence angle of the 
> wings to 3 degrees, the angle of attack of the wings when the fuselage is 
> level will be -3 degrees?  That doesn't seem to be happening with the models.

You are right, that doesn't sound right.  At least if a positive value did
point down, it would be in conflict with the AOA parameter.  That said,  are
you sure the DC-3 is supposed to have a negative incidence?  I just looked up
the p51 and the diagram clearly shows a positive incidence.  The tail is +2.0
degrees (so that at level AoA=0 on main wing, the tail would have a AoA of 2.0



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