For those of you who've worked on 3d modelling/texturing, please please
please tell me I'm missing something here.

I've an object I've created in Blender.  Using the UV Face Editor, I
load one texture file and map some of the faces to it (or actually,
to a region much much larger than it, because I want the texture
tiled many times over the faces in question).  I load another texture
file and map the other faces to it.  I look at my object in Blender,
and it looks fine.  I export it to AC3D format, and only one texture
shows up.

I've done some poking around with the .ac files that come with FG,
and haven't found one with more than one texture file associated
with one object, and now I'm worried.  Is this something Blender
can do, but AC3D (and thus AC3D files) cannot?


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