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Josh Babcock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>Chris Metzler wrote:
>> For those of you who've worked on 3d modelling/texturing, please
>> please please tell me I'm missing something here.
>> I've an object I've created in Blender.  Using the UV Face Editor, I
>> load one texture file and map some of the faces to it (or actually,
>> to a region much much larger than it, because I want the texture
>> tiled many times over the faces in question).  I load another texture
>> file and map the other faces to it.  I look at my object in Blender,
>> and it looks fine.  I export it to AC3D format, and only one texture
>> shows up.
>> I've done some poking around with the .ac files that come with FG,
>> and haven't found one with more than one texture file associated
>> with one object, and now I'm worried.  Is this something Blender
>> can do, but AC3D (and thus AC3D files) cannot?
> AC3D does not support multiple textures per object, AFAIK.

Oh, that sucks.  That truly, truly sucks.  Having finished several
objects, I now have to go back and break each of them up into
multiple smaller objects.  Using one unified texture, and UVmapping
on it, isn't an option since it'd require a 2048x2048 texture.



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