I'd say "almost". My stuff has been checked in and seems to work fine now. My 
only concern is that I just downloaded pre3 about two hours ago and haven't 
even had a chance to compile it. Therefore, I'd prefer to wait just a little 
longer. Probably just a day or so to see if anything unexpected shows up.  
(if your schedule allows that of course).

How's that sound?


On Wednesday 28 July 2004 19:53, Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> We have now done 3 pre-releases and hopefully we have most of the major
> issues dealt with for this release.  Have we missed any patch
> submissions?  Are there any remaining issues that can be *quickly* dealt
> with?
> If I sat a chicken at a computer and made it look at even 1/2 the email
> I receive each day, I'd probably get put in jail for cruelty to animals,
> so I could very well have missed a patch or two or 10 along the way.
> Regards,
> Curt.

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