Matthew Law wrote:
> David Megginson wrote:
> > Matthew Law wrote:
> > > It seems much, much better to me.  However, I can sit at minimum
> > > power with the brakes on in nil wind and rock from one main wheel to
> > > the other using the ailerons.  I can also lift the tail off the
> > > ground at minimum power.  I'm not sure if that is a side effect of
> > > what you've done, but I'm sure that shouldn't be the case :-)
> >
> > That shouldn't be from my change -- can you do it with other YASim
> > planes?
> I see the same issue with elevator on the c172-3d-yasim but not
> aileron.  Again with the pa28-161 -looks to be about 5-10 deg judging
> by the attitude from inside the cockpit...

Uh... YASim doesn't model wash effects, so there really isn't any
process by which a pure control input would generate force.  Are you
sure you weren't just sitting in a stiff wind?  Can anyone else
replicate this?


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