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The problem at EGNM I mentioned is on several NVidia based systems. As
I said though - it's nowhere near as severe as in those screenshots. I'll try and grab an example tonight.

I'm on an Nvidia card (finally), and what I see at EGNM is this: at the beginning of 14, along the right side of the displaced threshhold, I see a seam where the terrain suddenly jumps up about a meter in elevation, leaving a sky-colored gap between (vertical, thus only visible from one side). Is this what you see? If so, I see that sort of thing too, near most large airports. I suspect it's not a FlightGear thing so much as a TerraGear thing -- I suspect it's an artifact of the smoothing done in making things flat for the runways etc. But I dunno.

Yes - that's it.

I can't remember the exact relative positioning in the sim, but in real life that's about the point where the road disappears under the end of the runway. Could that be the cause? ISTR a similar problem at RAF Finningley (EGXI) where a railway crosses the end of the runway (it should be just on the boundary of the airfield, but the VMAP and/or airfield accuracy cause an overlap.

At least one of my screenshots (KADW) had no roads involved.

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