Hello all,

not a problem I suffer from myself, but I notice there seem to be quite a few 
people posting on the FlightGear forum at the AVSim web-site and the 
RUNFGFS.BAT question is something a lot of new Windows users seem to be 
having a lot of trouble with.

Because all the developers and experienced FG users/contributors are already 
pretty busy this might, in some ways, be unwanted attention but if there's no 
response I think there might be a risk of building up a bad reputation for 

...and that is a topic in itself...

I guess I'm suggesting that if people can spend a little time helping folk 
there it wouldn't do FG any harm, tedious as it may be;)

AVSim's policy of dropping logins after a relatively short time without 
posting anything is certainly unhelpful (and would be unethical if they were 
selling a product) but it looks like it's there that people are posting 


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