Arnt Karlsen wrote:
On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 13:13:20 +0200, Boris wrote in message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> Maybe that saves some time or at least keeps you from re-inventing
>> the wheel ;-)

> ..maybe.  Executive summary  from  ;-)

BTW, interesting project but they don't seem to have written much
code yet, rather they seem to be considering using FlightGear
itself as backend for their combat simulator...on the other hand
their project might also be of interest to the original poster
exactly because of that !

And it was getting fun again:

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> ..please weed out the dead stuff on posting,

Well, I *did* mention that I was merely looking for other projects
which already make use of the features that were requested, I mentioned
primarily "bzflag" - cause it is based on SimGear and all the other projects
were just hits whose descriptions sound as if they might be useful if
bzflag's sources alone should not be sufficient. Also, I did make
clear that some of these don't seem to be under active development,
amongst them a couple of projects which have concept docs anyway,
and that (=> ideas) was it what the original poster asked for.

> or if you find anything useable in the dead projects cvs trees,
> point us to the good stuff.

I did not browse any CVS repositories, nor do I intend to do so now -
*if* there's interest in any of these project at all, that's certainly
rather a job for those who want to do the coding for that specific
project/feature addon.

-------- Boris

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