Chris Metzler wrote:
[...] So what we discussed was a webpage/site which would (eventually) do for
FlightGear what's file libraries do for MSFS.
At least at first, it'd provide upload/browse/download capability.

Even though I agree with Erik that it would make sense to keep everything in a central place I do also think that it should be easily possible for the mentioned user contributions to be added easily BY users - without the need for developers/project managers to take care of such things.

So, I think the idea in general is pretty good, but regarding browser
based file uploads  there might be a problem when it comes to scenery
packages: these files are usually pretty large, so it would be more
realistic to provide anonymous FTP access for these uploads - also more
convenient, I wouldn't want to wait for a large file to upload via
browser without any status information at all...

Eventually, it could also be a place to fetch useful scripts, programs,
scenery-making tutorials, etc.

As long as it would be running via some kind of CMS this would really be an advantage, as it could become a central repository for designers in general - be it scenery or aircraft. So that everybody could easily make direct contributions.

Also, such a webpage could offer scenery download based not only
on certain clickable areas but really based on certain towns/airports
or even navaids.

This would merely be a cross lookup between the navaids file and
the actual scenery folders in order to determine which scenery
package needs to be picked for a certain town/airport or navaid.

One could even provide a flight plan in order to determine the
necessary scenery downloads, I am not sure if TerraGear is using
such an approach already, as I keep having problems with it ...

It wouldn't necessarily require a chunk of Curt's time or hardware;

No, as it sounds it would have the legitimation to become a separate webpage if necessary, probably one could even use a sourceforge project for that purpose...that way at least the resource problem would be "solved" ;-)

it need not even be in the domain, although I think
> it'd be a good thing if it was (unfortunately,
> is occupied, hehe).
Mat Churchill and I are both enthusiastic about such a scenery website.

actually, it's not long ago that I sent an eMail to Curtis asking for other additions to the original FlightGear page that I suggested.

I mentioned both of these already in previous postings on this
mailing list, unfortunately there were not any reactions to these
- absolutely contrary to the reactions to my usual posting ;-)

On the one hand I suggested installing a bugtracker script and on the
other hand a dynamic FAQ system.

I did offer to take care of the installation/setup etc. - so it would
not require much effort from other people in order to get these
things done.

So if Curtis should decide that he doesn't want to put something like that on I would love to join your efforts so that we could put all these things on a different webpage, which should still be linked to from - Curtis could set up a specific subdomain for exactly that purpose, so he would still keep his recource usage low(er).

--------- Boris

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