Jon Stockill wrote:
Erik Hofman wrote:

My personal opinion would be to get everything at one place, preferably (but not necessarily) in a separate CVS branch at just like the world wide scenery right now. That would be easiest for everybody (and provides mirror sites).

That makes life very easy for us, but it's far from newbie friendly.

I agree with that one, as a developer you must not forget that most FlightGear users are likely (hopefully !) to be non-developers and hence what might seem feasible/easy and logical to you is not necessarily the best approach for those users who are not used to things like CVS/FTP etc.

So, there is some justification for such a thing - as a user
you usually don't want to have to learn about all the steps
involved, but would much rather want to keep things as simple as
possible ...

--------- Boris

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