On Sun, 01 Aug 2004 13:35:06 +0200, Boris wrote in message 

> As the 0.9.4 release is still available via ftp from flightgear.org
> I created a patch from 0.9.4final to 9.9.5final, the patch has a total
> size of 23 MB (hey, still about only 1/4th of the actual download !)
> and can be obtained at:
> http://flitetutor.sourceforge.net/mlist/base-patches/fgfs-base-patch-9.9.4-FINAL__0.9.5.FINAL.tgz

..it's there allright, but you probably meant to _name_ it somewhat
closer to FG practice?  ;-)

> Please report any problems, since this patch is based on the official
> tarball from flightgear.org there should not be any CVS related
> problems, anyway: make sure to backup your existing data !
> BTW, I forgot to mention that after extraction of the patch archive
> into your FlightGear folder you need to run a shell script in order to
> remove obsolete files, depending on your OS/platform this is either
> named "remove.sh" or "remove.bat".

..put this in a README.

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