Jon Stockill wrote:
> Martin Spott wrote:

> > Solaris/Sparc is currently building - but it takes a while on an old
> > Sparc20  :-)

> Ouch
> Which compiler are you using? If it's one of the free ones I've got an 
> Ultra 1 here I could run build it on in future, although I doubt it'd be 
> much good for actually testing what it'd built.

I have a small (90 MHz) Quad HyperSparc with GCC-3.4.1. I was surprised
because it doesn't take as long as GCC-3.3.x did. I also have an
Ultra10 available (the machine I run www/ on) but
I must admit that I prefer to do these things at home.
I don't have the abilities to really test the performance on Sparc
because mine is headless and I only can do "proof of concept" via
remote display on an SGI. I'd be interested in feedback from people who
have a Creator3D card.

GCC-3.4.1 for Sparc hardware isn't that bad anymore but I'd be still
interested in trying out the commercial compiler by Sun,

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