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Erik Hofman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've already explained this to Jon, but I was really aiming at a two 
> stage approach. Maintaining can be done using CVS. Making it available 
> for users could be done like downloading the terrain data right now: 
> Using a  webpage.

That seems sensible; I hadn't been aware that the terrain data is
managed by CVS behind the scenes.

If the intent is to make it easy for users to contribute their own stuff
to the community, then maybe user uploads go to some quota'd directory
and someone then checks that stuff into CVS, and makes it available on
webpage, after looking at it (quota'd to avoid maliciousness /
crapflooding / etc.).  I think the front end should be browsable (with
a related image or two of each set) and searchable; obviously there's
not much stuff to browse through/search through now, but it's good to
have that functionality planned in from the start, rather than having
to deal with it later.

I'll start playing around with this stuff to see if I can set up a
system that works well.


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