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Arnt Karlsen wrote:
On Mon, 02 Aug 2004 08:18:00 +0200, Boris wrote in message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Arnt, how about starting to actually *read* my postings - at least
those that you reply to ? :-)

..heh, good catch, could looong length be an issue? ;-)

in general I'd agree, but not all messages that I post here are that long - so maybe we could at least agree on reading what we are replying to ;-)

>>and I think Steven & Stewart are right in trying to keep things as
general as possible, e.g. that way they can use that script
for _many_ purposes, so it does have its justification outside
the FG world.

..it (tardiff) does, and it looks good, so build on it.

I'm currently thinking about Erik's idea to use the CVS timestamps for comparison purpose and to tell then which files have changed, that way it should be possible to determine differences between two CVS versions without the need to really check out both revisions.

That way only the stuff that got really changed would be

IF such an extension is considered a good idea by several
users here, one could think about providing externals
means for it.

..in this meritocraty, _only_ those ideas that are _acted_ upon,
prevails.  ;-)

yes, I've also come to the conclusion that this is somewhat true here ...ideas/suggestions only seem to be considered really as long as there is something "ready" ...

so you are talking of an automated updater ?

..define "automated".

=> to require as few user interaction as necessary for the updating process.

The idea is the user should find an update script over at fg.org, and be able to
update to the latest official release, and at least "say Yes". ;-)

I think we agree here (see above)

regarding that one really has to be careful, not
everybody  has a full GNU toolchain available,
even though there are things like Cygwin they
do significantly complicate things for novice
users - or at least for those who are not really
familiar with Unix.

(I know that stuff like wget is also available as
a standard Win32 compiled version, but it's not
per default available on windows ...)

..so test for it and haul it home where needed. ;-)

what you are basically suggesting here is an automated install wizard tool - with the ability to retrieve dependencies ... people are working on similar projects, but they are usually pretty complex ...

not sure about how much sense something like that would
make, we will have to wait for other opinions,

..what suddenly stopped you from forming and voicing your own opinions here? ;-)

Nothing, nor do I think that there would be a peaceful way to achieve something like that :-)

I was just implying that it certainly does not make sense
to put much work into it before several people have come
to the conclusion that it might be useful, I still doubt
that something like that could be really simple enough
for *everybody* ...at least of you want to keep the
application itself AND external pre-requisites  simple.

To be honest: implementing such an application for "easy"
updating as a *shell* script is certainly not going to
appeal to the majority of windows users, never forget:
only few of the regular (windows) users are really
familiar with a shell at all, so in order not see them
freak out, one would have to use some graphical frontend,
tcl/tk comes to my mind ...

Then again everybody would need to have the necessary
runtime stuff installed :-/

If you have a good suggestion, don't hesitate to tell
me, cause I really think the advantage would be mainly
significant if such a tool used (optionally) a graphical

Hey, about integrating the necessary functionality into
FlightGear itself, then we'll have a graphical UI :-))

..I'd rather see them suggest useing tgz, if the idea is get Winzip

okay, thanks for that suggestion - that's a good one, unix users shouldn't care either way and if it makes things simpler for windows users it should really be named that way, it's going to be added/changed in the next version :-)

-------- Boris

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