Jim Wilson writes:
> If it wasn't for the great work on JSBsim and YASim we'd have very few
> aircraft.  But I think those config files, along with the "source code"
> ends up interpreting and processing them, both make up the FDMs.  There is
> considerable skill and effort involved in producing accurate flight models
> new aircraft isn't there?
Hmmm, speaking of accuracy.  Do all the new aircraft use the output of the
Instrumentation model to drive the flight instruments? If that is the case,
then the 747, YF-23, T-38, 737, etc, etc are using data based on a light
aircraft pitot-static ssytem and vacuum driven gauges and the associated
lags and delays. For my 747 project I've decided  to dig into JSBSim to get
the "raw data" and pass that through an INS/ADC model to drive the glass

Depending on your purpose and application it might be a don't care, but it
would have an impact on things like autopilots and error
tracking/man-machine interface research. Just a thought....

John W.

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