> Is there a way to create new instances of AIAircraft or
> another kind on the fly, just by adding some nodes in
> the property tree, or running a command from the telnet
> interface, that is, without modifying the source code ?
> Is there something planned in this direction ?

Now there are two ways to create AIAircraft, at startup using a scenario file, 
or using Durk's AI Traffic Scheduler.

I have plans (but very little time unfortunately) to add a property to the 
scenario file that will trigger the creating of an AIAircraft after a 
specified elapsed time, or periodically at a specified rate.  This will be an 
inprovement, but it still requires that the scenario be determined at 
startup, and not interactive during the sim run.

Durk's traffic scheduler creates the AIAircraft according to a schedule, so 
new instances of AIAircraft are created during the sim run, however I don't 
think this scheduler is set up to allow a user to trigger the creation of an 
AIAircraft using a key-stroke.

To create AIAircraft interactively will require a new module, and it will 
require that the newly created instance be given enough information to have a 
model and a fightplan.

David Culp

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