* Vivian Meazza -- Wednesday 04 August 2004 19:15:
> Yes, see what you mean, but I think we went through all this with fixed wing
> aircraft. But once fully airborne, it's perfect. Weird. Is it trying to
> rotate about a skid?

No, same when airborne, just harder to see. You better use the
"constant-azimuth" view (6?), then try to hover a few meters above
the ground, then turn. 

> Perhaps not enough tail rotor authority in the hover though? I can't get
> more than about 30 degs out-of-wind. 

Tail rotor authority seems OK (I talked about it with a real helicopter
pilot). But even if it weren't, it wouldn't explain the rotation around
the nose. Seems very much like a rotor bug in YASim. Maybe none of the
rotor forces act on the CG, but all on the origin. This would make the
3d model look like behaving OK when it was (wrongly) placed with the
CG at origin, but not when correctly positioned with the nose on the
origin. (Hmm, or not??) 


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