Alex Romosan wrote:

recently i took a helicopter tour of san francisco, so i decided to
play a little bit more with the helicopter simulation in fgfs. it's a
lot of fun. a couple of things though. i use the keyboard mappings and
a mouse to "fly" and i noticed that the collective is mapped backwards
(up goes down and down goes up). also i find PageUp and PageDown to be
cumbersome, so i mapped the collective to the 1 and 2 keys (so i can
use my left hand). with these changes i managed to hover and even land
on top of the buildings in downtown sf. i've collected some of the
screenshots at for
comparison (although we didn't land on top of any of the buildings :-(
) the real pictures of sf are at

Great pictures and screenshots. If you have one or two screenshots you are especially fond of, it might be worth putting them on the FG page since I haven't updated screen shots in quite some time.



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