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> * Alex Romosan -- Saturday 07 August 2004 00:36:
>> you can clearly hear the woman say that if you lift the collective you
>> increase the pitch of the blades so you get more lift and you'll go
>> up. so it would seem that collective up means helicopter goes up.
>> maybe in austria they do it differently.
> Chauvinist bullshit ends every discussion, thanks.

as a matter of fact it does seem that european helicopters behave
differently from american ones. would seem to indicate
the rotor spins in different directions. there is a nice description
there of the takeoff procedure. the relevant passage is:

  As you increase collective pitch, you need to push the left pedal
  (In American helicopters...right pedal for non-American models) to
  counteract the torque you generate by increasing pitch.

and on the page describing the forces at work the author states:

  The thrust it produces tends to push the aircraft sideways at a
  hover. We compensate for this by adding left cyclic control inputs
  (On American Helicopters, the opposite in foreign manufactured
  aircraft, because their rotor systems turn the opposite way from
  ours). This makes the helicopter hang left skid, or wheel, low at a

so i am not sure why you are upset. i thought the same might apply to
the collective.


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