Harald Johnsen wrote:

As I said before I don't have all the knowledge to build it
enterely by myself so I will need a lot of feedback at the beginning
> (the fonctions of the fmc but also  > the look and feel).

Besides projectmagenta.com that I mentioned in my last reply there's
also another possible -free- source of information, Wilco's "767 PIC" -
they've put all the manuals for their simulations on their webpage
for easy download, so fetch:


While this is of course not for the 737 or 747, the general
stuff will apply in most cases anyway, at least the handling
doesn't seem to differ too significantly.

It's actually quite well illustrated and explains most things
quite simple, of course it is mainly targeted at gaming people,
but would certainly give a good basic introduction regardless
of that, one could still read up on the more complex topics later on.


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