* Alex Romosan -- Saturday 07 August 2004 01:19:
> as a matter of fact it does seem that european helicopters behave
> differently from american ones.

Yes, you are right, sorry. I was slightly pissed, because if felt as
if you needlessly dragged my country into the matter, only because
we didn't agree on technical ground, as if you wanted to say that
Austrians (unlike US citizens) do probably not understand much of
helicopters.  :-)

> i thought the same might apply to the collective.

OK. It doesn't, as others have meanwhile explained.

Anyway: I wasn't aware how difficult the bo is actually to fly with
just the keyboard. Accidently, I installed fgfs today on a computer
at a Red Cross office (for the people on duty to make time pass
faster), and it took me *quite* a while to even lift of. (We don't
have a js there ... yet.)

I'll try to submit a fix tomorrow. I insist on the throttle being
inverted on the js, but the keyboard is a different matter. There'll
certainly be a viable solution.

Sorry again  :-]

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