Melchior FRANZ said:

> * Jeff Sinsay -- Saturday 07 August 2004 16:28:
> > Yes indeed, when looking from the top down American Helicopters 
> > rotate-counter clockwise, while European/Russian Helis rotate 
> > clockwise.
> Yes, that's widely known. But nobody would seriously assume that
> anywhere the collective lever is pushed down to raise, and pulled up
> to sink. And that's what we were talking about. And implying that
> Austria would do it that braindead way isn't exactly friendly.
> (And that's even ignoring the fact that the bo was mostly built
> in Germany.) But anyway.   ;-)

And I've yet to see a joystick that has a lever that pulls up!  This should
probably just default to what folks expect rather than pretending we've got a
"realistic" solution.  Maybe single property value that would cause the
mapping to reverse (e.g. --invert-throttle-control-mapping) would make sense?



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