Jim Wilson wrote:

Ah...oh.  Hmmmm.  What is the "AIP"?  I hadn't read "government" into that
first posting at all, but maybe there was a typo.  If it is the RAAF or Aussie
government in some form, this could be a serious problem for information on
the web, that goes a bit beyond this one data set.  Uggh...greed.

The AIP is the Aeronautical Information Publication, the collection of aviation information published by each country (except the U.S.). I don't know much about ICAO stuff, but as far as I understand, the AIP is (conceptually) both the handbook of regulations, similar to the AIM in the U.S., and all the charts, approach plates, etc. In Canada, Transport Canada (a government ministry) publishes the actual AIP handbook, while Nav Canada (a private company) publishes charts and plates.

From reading the followup story, it looks like in Australia either a private company or a crown corporation controls the whole AIP and they're fishing for new revenue sources.

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