* Peter L -- Saturday 14 August 2004 07:31:
> > That's a bit euphemistic. 

> Yeah, I was a bit more polite than normal. Just put it down to not knowing
> you guys yet...

No problem. And I didn't want to make it sound as if you pardoned a criminal. :-)

I just wanted to make clear that this was *not* "some unaware pilot" who "cuts the
cable". He knew the cable was there. He wanted to fly under it and make a nice
film, which was common practice in this unit at Aviano/Italy. Even their
commander did it (and lost his command because of that).

The cable was around 85 to 95 m AGL (~300 ft), and the minimum altitude allowed
in this area was 150 m (~500 ft) at this time. This was afterwards raised
to 600 m (~2000 ft).


Ref.: http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/9803/10/italian.crash.report/

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