Melchior FRANZ said:

> * Peter L -- Saturday 14 August 2004 05:14:
> > > Was it the USAF? I couldn't remember anymore, just that it happened..
> > 
> > Actually, marines. Very unfortunate accident in clear weather in 1998 in
> > Italy. US marine training flight, the plane returned with some damage.
> > 
> > The route was a well used one, but it appears they flew lower than normal.
> That's a bit euphemistic. They flew lower than allowed, against clear orders.
> And the pilot filmed the whole thing to show off to his friends (IIRC). Despite
> killing 20(?) people the fines were AFAIK ridiculously low. He would have
> sat a few years in prison in most legal systems ...

There were no fines.

The official line:

The media:

The result:

Back to Erik's original comment: note that if the information regarding the
charting of the cable was _key_ to the defense in this case.



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