Melchior FRANZ said:

> * Peter L -- Saturday 14 August 2004 07:31:
> > > That's a bit euphemistic. 
> > Yeah, I was a bit more polite than normal. Just put it down to not knowing
> > you guys yet...
> No problem. And I didn't want to make it sound as if you pardoned a
criminal. :-)
> I just wanted to make clear that this was *not* "some unaware pilot" who
"cuts the
> cable". He knew the cable was there. He wanted to fly under it and make a nice
> film, which was common practice in this unit at Aviano/Italy. Even their
> commander did it (and lost his command because of that).
> The cable was around 85 to 95 m AGL (~300 ft), and the minimum altitude allowed
> in this area was 150 m (~500 ft) at this time. This was afterwards raised
> to 600 m (~2000 ft).
> m.
> Ref.:

The U.S. Marine motto is "The few, the proud",  not "the most intelligent" :-)

I think "the few" is important.  Unfortunately, it's hard to train folks to be
potential killers,  and expect civility and common sense to always prevail.

We've got a training field nearby and this is a fairly rural area.  I can say
that I haven't seen anything marginal come from there.  The private jets are
another story.  I'm amazed at the crap they get away with over the Maine
woods.  And then of course there are the cruise missle tests...



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