Nothing stops you selling the items under a second, more restrictive license, and 
charging for it.
Except that only an idiot would buy it; but they might not think to look for the model 
in FlightGear (so they'd just be misinformed, not an idiot).
I think, though that that's sailing too close to the wind of dishonesty; although we 
wouldn't lie, we would be selectively truthful about what we were selling.
My own take on funding for FlightGear is that funding FGFS itself may be difficult, 
but we might well be able to get corporate funding for developing SimGear as a 
simulation kernel. Flight Simulators don't appeal to a huge sector of the market; but 
an architecture on which you can build any simulation you want sounds much more 
attractive and useful. The likely return on a wider project could be much greater than 
that simply on a flight simulator.
Giles Robertson

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        Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
        > Ever thought of selling art works that are used in FlightGear at very low
        > price?
        I don't think that would work because we have to make absolutely sure
        that the sold items are used in GPL'ed work only. Most buyers will
        assume they own the item and start using it in every way they can think of.
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