* Erik Hofman -- Monday 16 August 2004 22:05:
> Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> > What specific changes are you refering to?

> [...] Nasal fuel handling for the Spitfire 

For all YASim aircrafts with more than one tank, actually. Not that this alone
would justify an new release.  :-)

> Overall, the code as it is now feels a lot more comfortable compared to 
> the previous release. We could take some time and fix some more 
> problems, but I didn't announce the previous release for IRIX because it 
> didn't feel right.

Here's another problem:  $ fgfs --aircraft=c172-610x-jsbsim  makes fgfs
abort, because this redirects to ../c172r/c172r-jsbsim-base.xml, which
tries to include c172r-base.xml. But this file is searched in c172/, not
in c172r (where it could be found).


Vivian: I've responded to your message from today, but I'm not sure if
        you'll ever get it. My last four came back! I'll post to the list
        in a few hours if this fails, too.

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