Erik Hofman wrote: 
> Erik Hofman wrote: 
> > Curtis L. Olson wrote: 
> >> What specific changes are you refering to? 
> > 
> > 
> > Fixes for the "Scenery Loading" dialog that now loads much faster on low 
> > end hardware because it is frame rate independent (thanks to Frederic). 
> > 
> > Lots of small fixes (joystick configurations, Nasal fuel handling for 
> > the Spitfire and fixing the mouse freeze after exit problem). 
> > 
> > To name a few. 
> Not to mention a number of fixes in plib (including rather important 
> joystick fixes) and fgrun. 

Are you sure js changes are fixes ? I saw problem reports recently. 
I don't update plib for ages and I am not keen to do it after what I read. 
Moreover, we rely on plib released versions, not CVS, don't we ? 

> Actually, all updates to CVS since the release of 0.9.5 have been fixes 
> so far. 


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