* Martin Spott -- Tuesday 17 August 2004 11:09:
> In this context an idea comes to my mind: Would'nt it be useful to let
> 'metar' honour the respective parameters in a ~/.fgfsrc file (proxy
> settings for example) in the same the way, 'fgfs' does !?

Useful?    yes
Feasible?  hmm

This would involve having to find the config file on each supported
platform (MICROS~1? eew) and parsing it. Sounds a bit like outside the
scope of a little tool that is mainly thought for SGMetar developers.
A better and easier solution would probably be to parse the "http_proxy"
environment variable. (That's what other commandline tools like lynx,
wget, w3m, ... are doing.) And most MICROS~1 users may not know it,
but Windows has environment variables, too.

What I would rather like to see is a METAR report dialog in fgfs that would
be accessible via menu (or even pop up automatically on startup if the
user has requested this per property). And, yes, I know that implementing
this would be my job then.  :-)


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