Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> * Martin Spott -- Tuesday 17 August 2004 11:09:
> > In this context an idea comes to my mind: Would'nt it be useful to let
> > 'metar' honour the respective parameters in a ~/.fgfsrc file (proxy
> > settings for example) in the same the way, 'fgfs' does !?

> Useful?    yes
> Feasible?  hmm
> This would involve having to find the config file on each supported
> platform (MICROS~1? eew) and parsing it.

I thought one might encapsulate the respective FG functions into a lib
and link 'metar' against it ....  Just a quick idea - please

Another 'metar' thing:

vpngw: 12:07:27 ~> bin/metar -v EDLN
INPUT: 2004/08/17 08:50
EDLN 170850Z VRB03KT CAVOK 22/17 Q1008 
METAR Report         ^^^^^
Sky condition:          clear skies
As far as I've learnt meteo stuff (I have my theoretical test wednesday
morning  :-/  CAVOC translates into "visibility 10 km (~ 7 miles) or
greater and no clouds below 5000 ft GND". I thought, "clear skies" is
being abbreviated by SKC,

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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