* Martin Spott -- Tuesday 17 August 2004 12:24:
> I thought one might encapsulate the respective FG functions into a lib
> and link 'metar' against it ....  Just a quick idea - please
> disregard.

I've done the environment thing. Works well and doesn't require to mess with
the libs. Also, it's more Unix-like and doesn't require an fgfs config.
You know, fgrun notoriously overwrites ~/.fgfsrc ... which I consider a bug,
btw.  :-]

And for the MICROS~1 people:
(These variables don't need to be set in *.BAT files, they can also be
set system wide.)

> vpngw: 12:07:27 ~> bin/metar -v EDLN
> INPUT: 2004/08/17 08:50
> EDLN 170850Z VRB03KT CAVOK 22/17 Q1008 
> METAR Report         ^^^^^
> ============
> [...]
> Sky condition:          clear skies
>                         ^^^^^^^^^^^
> As far as I've learnt meteo stuff (I have my theoretical test wednesday
> morning  :-/  CAVOC translates into "visibility 10 km (~ 7 miles) or
> greater and no clouds below 5000 ft GND". I thought, "clear skies" is
> being abbreviated by SKC,

Sure. Don't be so picky!  ;-)

I did it that way because this couldn't be translated into reliable fgfs
properties anyway. Should it report clouds at 5000 ft then? Or at 10000 ft?
Or none? But you are right, the report should consider that. I'll fix it.

OTOH, that isn't really a problem:

  $ ./metar -v EDLN
  Proxy host: 'localhost'
  Proxy port: '3128'
  INPUT: 2004/08/17 09:50
  EDLN 170950Z 18005KT 9999 SCT023 23/16 Q1008 

See? No CAVOK!


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