* Martin Spott -- Tuesday 17 August 2004 15:28:
> I just realized you already calculate the rel. humidity from
> temperature and dewpoint. You could calculate the cloud base from these
> two numbers and the airport elevation as well - at least our instructor
> taught us to do so in case of of doubt.

What? The cloud base from temperature and dewpoint?

And then:

  $ ./metar -e `zcat $FG_ROOT/Airports/default.apt.gz|awk '/ LOWW /{print $5}'` -c LOWW

The whole command line will hardly be used by anybody. That's just left over
from plans to integrate SGMetar in fgrun. Now that fgfs has METAR support
built-in it only serves as a demo for how to use SGMetar to assemble a command
line. The report, OTOH, does IMHO not need the METAR station elevation, not
more than it would need the full station name. And that is hardly deducible
from the data set without external information. Don't think too hard about
extensions to the SGMetar test program!  :-] 


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