Melchior FRANZ wrote:

> * Matevz Jekovec -- Tuesday 17 August 2004 14:29:
> > My question is when I run terrasync and fgfs and fly where there's no 
> > terrain available yet, do I need to restart fgfs session for the new 
> > terrain to take effect, or are fgfs and terrasync already synchronized 
> > now and is the new terrain showing up as soon as it becomes available?
> The scenery for your start airport is certainly fetched and stored, but
> not updated in fgfs. Only scenery that is yet to be loaded will appear
> updated. You don't need to restart fgfs, though. Teleporting to KSFO and
> back should be enough. I'm confident that this will be fixed one day. :-)

Just a thought : on windows, there is a system call that enable a program to
receive events when a files in a subtree changes. I don't know for Linux and
other unix though. I already heard about something called FAM but I don't 
know if it is built in the kernel now. And I have no idea about the MAC situation.

This could allow automatic scenery update while running and avoid to have 
ocean tiles when we travel too rapidly.


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