> i started looking at flight gear hoping that there would be a way to get
> system internals from "outside the box" so that i could build my own
> radio stack" and hook it up.
> can anyone tell me if there is already a part of your project devoted to
> or if you think it's even worth trying? i don't want to drive your project
> members crazy reading email from someone who has an interest that your
> cool by the way) project doesn't support, or plan to.
Take a look at the website project page, there are some examples of hardware

You can use the net-ctrls and native-ctrl structures in the Network
directory to modify the properties to set radio/nav frequencies but that
takes a bit of work to hack the code. Some of which may not be applicable
for general use. Approach would be to add the frequency variables to the
network packet and modify the source to load the values from the received
packet into the appropriate properties in FG. Then you'll need to create the
network program on the "simulated radio stack" client to build the packet,
create the socket connection, and establish network communications. At least
that's the approach I've taken for my 747 project. If you're modestly fluent
in C++, the existing code serves as a good example and base to expand to
meet your needs.

One big problem ;-) The network packet loads at whatever rate you select via
the socket options and overwrites any and all the property values called out
in the net-ctrls data structure and that includes all the controls for
flying. Which is fine if you plan to also control FG with an external
machine. I suppose you could "turn off" updating those properties you don't
want to update in FGNetCtrls2Props, but that's a messy hack.

I'm assuming you don't need a lot of bandwidth. There are other options less
envasive and unless you plan to expand your hardware at some future date
those might meet your needs


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