Big simulator companies (those which simulates Airbus and Boing Aircrafts)
sign contracts with Aircraft manufacturers for a "Data Package".
This "data package" includes : Systems descriptions, Interface Documents,
FCOM, ... plus Flight Tets data and support ( up to dedicated Flight Tests
for the simulator manufacturer if necessary).
Today, lots of real flight tests are avoided because the aircraft
manufacturer fight model is good enought to "avoid" expensive real flight
Of course level D simulator flight model are less accurate due to real time
constraint but they are still realistic enaought to allow Air Crew to enjoy
their first real flight with passenger on board;-)


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> Let me apologize in advance if this question sounds vague or if it isn't
> worded well, or even if it's the "wrong" question. :-)  I'm hoping to
> find someone who knows what I really want and can tell me how to proceed.
> I have some connections to a flight simulator company that wants to put
> together a quote to build a Level A FAA certified flight simulator.  I
> personally don't know all the specific FAA requirements, but I do know
> that Level A requires flight testing of the actual aircraft being
> modeled and a very high fidelity computer model of that exact aircraft
> ... it also requires a motion base, specific visual system features,
> etc. etc.  I realize these things get really pricey really quick, but
> this would not be a home project and would have the necessary funding
> behind it if the proposal was eventually accepted.
> So my question is this:  Does anyone know or have connections or leads
> to a company that could do the necessary instrumentation and flight
> testing of the real aircraft (assuming the real aircraft would be
> provided to them to use) and then could build a computer simulation
> model of this aircraft?  We would like them to "guarantee" that their
> work will meet FAA Level A standards.
> Personally I don't have enough exposure to the really high end simulator
> business to know exactly how the big companies handle this.   My fear is
> that the big simulator companies do all this work in house and thus
> would not want to contract out to a "competitor", and that the necessary
> expertise isn't out there available to be hired.  But I don't know,
> which is why I'm asking. :-)
> Does anyone have any leads or ideas?
> Thanks,
> Curt.
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