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I've looked into this further and it seems that FGNative::process() fails when reading in FDM data from the file. Process() calls io->read(...) asking for a 1704 byte chunks from the input file. After one or two successful 1704 reads, io->read(...) returns indicating that it couldn't read another 1704 bytes from the file and FGNative::process() dies. This happens even though the total numbers of bytes read from the file are no where near its total size. Unless I've set something up incorrectly, it looks like this functionality is broken. Does anyone know if this is a known issue? Replay functionality is very important to me, so if it's broken I'll take the time to fix it; I just want to make sure it's not something I've set up incorrectly. Also, I'm running FlightGear on Windows XP.

It could be that process() is reading the entire file the first time.

This makes sense in the context of a net connection where you want to grab all pending messages and just use the most recent one, but doesn't make sense in the context of a file obviously. "file" should be special cased, but perhaps it's been overlooked for the native protocol?


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