Does this mean that we would have the ability to save and load flight data so as to reproduce, say, a taxi, take off, pattern and landing at KSFO or another airport automatically (i.e., as a demo or as a training exercise). Perhaps a short flight around the SF area also showing off the new scenery?

Could we ship such flights around scenic areas (Mount Ranier, Crater Lake, the Grand Canyon) for new users in the base package or as downloadables off of

How big would such files be? How much data needs to be kept, how much can be calculated on the fly? Do weather conditions need to be saved also?

Would flights around scenic areas be done better as flight plans with waypoints or tied into this new playback method somehow?

Can this playback tool be used as a training method for new simulator pilots?

If we are not saving a real recorded flight, perhaps we can use a similar method to extract either entire flights or the last XX number of seconds of a flight to save to disk for later replay?

MS FlightSimulator has an extensive tutorial that involves pre-saved flights which the users can break into at certain points in the flights. How difficult would it be to add something similar to FG and where would one begin (if no one is already working on something like this).



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