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What is locale support? If that means for different character sets (as in different
geographic and language areas), it has to work around the world, of course. Is that 
"locale" refers to?

Localization (L10N) and Internationalization (I18N) are more than just character sets -- different languages and even different regions using the same language have different ideas of what lower- and upper-case characters match, and some languages have no concept of case at all. There are many other issues involved, including sorting. Some languages also mix character sets from different languages -- for example, in Japanese you can see Japanese syllabic characters, Roman characters, and Han Chinese characters all in the same sentence.

Unix has some support for localization -- you can set the locale (language/region) using an environment variable and then some functions in the standard library will use that to look up tables for case translation, sorting, etc. I imagine that there's something similar in Windows.

I don't claim to be an expert in L10N or I18N, but Google or the Wikipedia can probably bring you to some good programmer's tutorials.

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