(original) primary motivation was to obtain (buy) enough hardware that i could
have a Fsim that closely resembled the cockpit of the plane i fly ( a piper
cherokee 180).

the costs on this approach would easily cover the amount i spend on the anual
inspection for the airplane.  not a good choice. so...
that left me with building my own.  after examining (and purchasing) 2 other
comnmercially avaialable flight sims, i decided that the only practical
solution was to work with a sim that permitted me access to internals.

that's how i ended up pestering all of you...  


--- Manuel Bessler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Sat, Aug 28, 2004 at 07:25:29AM -0700, martin pardee wrote:
> > it occurrs to me that if FG supports telnet, that there must be a class
> > somewhere that handles socket based communication. since sockets also make
> a
> > fairly elegant for of IPC on a unix system, i was thinking that developing
> a
> > class (or subclass) for this purpose might work out well with minimum
> impact to
> > the existing code.
> Not sure if the existing code can do it, but it shouldn't be too hard to
> add support for unix sockets/fifos. 
> the README.IO in the source distribution under docs-mini says (in mine
> anyways, my CVS is several months old):
>   "medium = { serial, socket, file, etc. }"
> ... it should be possible to add if its not there yet.
> The only problem could be that file-based sockets/fifos might not be
> portable across all OSs.
> > in closing, i'd also like to ask if there is any sort of technical
> reference
> > dosumentation that would allow a new coder to begin exploring the project.
> I'm primarily interested in the hardware side of your project...
> Are you building the radio stack yourself or are you buying some ?
> Regards,
> Manuel
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