I've the latest CVS version (downloaded this morning). There's the file puff.ac and puff.xml, even if the first it's different from the one used by David Culp (I used the last one). I've added the xml lines of code to the files but nothing appears on the screen.

Now, waiting for an answer, I've read the debate about the tracers and I've found that I've to uncomment the line that enables the "submodels subsystem".

Here I've found and error about a call to the createBallistic (line 91 in file submodel.cxx) made by the SubmodelSystem::release (submodel* sm, double dt). The compiler tells me that the function  requires 10 argoments, while the call is made with 9. I've observed deeply into the code and I've found that the buoyancy value it's not used. I've added it to the call and changed, where needed, the code of in submodel.cxx and submodel.hxx.

After all this changes... the objects still not appear in the scene :-( Why?

I've a question about the placing of the xml lines of code. In the debate about the tracers it's particularized that the <submodels>...</submodels> code go out of the <sim>...</sim> tags. However, in the sky writing post, it goes inside. Where's the right place?


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