On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 05:46:27PM -0700, martin pardee wrote:
> manuel,
> it's good of you to answer me. i take some conmfort from knowing that there are
> others engaged in this activity. i fell a little less like a reclusive nut case
> :)
> i was wondering if you had an approach to interfacing to the FG sim. since it's
> obvious that you and Stephen are pretty deep into this, it seems that you must
> also have tackled the interface work as well.  i am guessing that you are NOT
> using a telnet connection to the sim.

No, I'm not. But I haven't written much of the stuff I have in my mind,
and nothing on the fg side at all.

The software that talks to the hardware side uses a property tree
similar to the one flightgear uses internally. I plan on making a
"bridge" between those two. 
The basic idea is to have my prop tree to update fg's prop tree if eg.
switches get flipped,... and have something like a "subscription" to
certain fg prop tree nodes which get propagated from fg to my
prop tree whenever fg makes changes to the value of the subscribed node.
Eg. airspeed increases by 1 knot: fg tells my prop tree that the
airspeed node has changed to x knots, to which my software can respond,
eg tell the real hardware airspeed gauge to move to the new value.


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